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Hey guys! Here’s our challenge for this week:

*AVOID FORGETTING HOMEWORK: ohhhh boy that happens to me very often, because I am way too lazy to write down what video have to do, or to find the piece of paper where I wrote it, or to ask one of my classmates.

-HOW TO: I have decided to find an agenda app that can syncronise between my iPad and my phone. That way, I won’t be too lazy to write my homework down in my school agenda. No, I have already discovered that writing the number of the exercise we have to do at the bottom of the notebook page doesn’t work unless you open the notebook. My personal recommendation to the moment: My study life, although I will be able to tell you more about it at the end of the week! Of course, if a paper agenda works for you, that’s great! It simply doesn’t for me!
*AVOID “FORGETTING” HOMEWORK: big NOPE. Thats cheating. That’s bad. You have your nice agenda! USE IT! NO EXCUSES! And teachers are not stupid: they know you are lying about your dog eating the ten chemistry exercises you had to give in.


*PAY ATTENTION IN CLASS: Sleeping in class may seem more interesting than listening to the teacher in some cases, but it’s not going to help you pass your exams. So get up and sleep at night. At least seven hours per day. Letting go of technology for one hour before bed is a good idea and it’s scientifically proven that it improves the sleep quality, but maybe we can wait a couple weeks for that task!

-HOW TO: Could it be more obvious?

Also, don’t be afraid to raise your hand and ask. The teachers will like it. Your marks will be higher. Win-win!

*DONT BE A MESS: I’m not saying you go from writing in your own language to becoming a studyblr type of person. I’m just saying that nice class notes will be easier to understand and nicer to read. They will have more appeal than ones you notvonly have to study, but to decipher.

See what I mean?

-HOW TO: Blegh. Obvious again.

And, last but not least:

*BE ACTIVE IN CLASS AND AT HOME: again, lying on your bed watching Netflix is nice now, but I don’t think your 30 year old self thanks you for it.

-HOW TO: In class: take notes. Or underline your book/handouts while the teachers talk. It will take a lot of work off later! In your house: if you don’t find yourself in the mood/need for study yet, at least read your notes/book, what you did today in class. Don’t try to read more if you don’t want to, but just reviewing what you did that day will help you see if you have any doubts, and some of itvwill stay in your kind, which will make studying the topic in depth later will be way easier.

There you go, that will be all for this week, just setting the bases for next one! Good luck and try to do everything!!!!

Come here to see my experience this week, and HERE for a table you can fill in to check how you did each day!




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