Week #2 table

Week #2 table;) don’t forgetful keep using another copy of week #1 !!

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Ok, let me explain this it’s to add to last week’s tasks (you can print the table picture in the next post so you can check what you did and how you are improving). This week it will get a little more complicated, but there are less tasks, so all fine!!

*STARTING TIME: having a fixed routine will improve your study, and will also increase the time per day you devote to it.

HOW TO: Make yourself a study plan. It doesn’t have to be very elaborate (yet), maybe the starting times are enough. If you decide to go for something more elaborate, make sure you schedule the homework the same day the teacher told you to do it, because the lesson will still be fresh in your head, so  itvwill take less time from the work itself AND from the time you’ll use to study the lesson, because you will review it sooner.

If you want to do a more complete schedule, look HERE.

Also, obviously, FOLLOW IT! it’s a plan, so maybe change it a little bit if you don’t have anything to study for a particular subject, or if you have an exam for another one in the next few days. But YOU MUST start at the scheduled time, no excuses here. The idea is to create a routine of study, to spend more time working and less on your phone.

*PRACTICAL SUBJECTS: This one is going to be hard, especially if you hate math as much as I do. It’s not that big don’t like the subject, it’s that I have this little attention problem and I don’t seem to be able to copy numbers in the right order. So I always have mistakes in math/chemistry that lower my grades and blah blah. Anyway, those problems are supposed to go away with practise, which is why:

HOW TO: No matter if you tend to have more or less stupid mistakes, comprehension mistakes​ or just calculator dyslexia: practise those subjects. Depending on the length of the particular problems you are studying, do more or do less, but THERE SHOULD NEVER BE A DAY WHEN YOU DONT DO ANY. atvleast one a day. There are millions on the internet, so NO EXCUSES BABY!

(BTW that’s me motivating myself because…Yeh, imma have trouble with this task for sure)

And since these are pretty hard assignments, this will be all for the week. Now, do it! (Also, add it to last week’s work;) we can do it guys!)